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Astrology Consultations $75.00 per Hour (prepaid through Invoice from or by Credit Card by Square)

    *Astrology readings REQUIRE your Birth Date, EXACT Time and Place


Intuitive & Tarot Consultations $75.00 per Hour (prepaid through Invoice from or by Credit Card by Square)






Special Birthday Sabian Symbol Reports $25.00!
Solar Returns map out your upcoming year plus the archetypal influences of the Sabian Symbols!
(prepaid through Invoice from or by Credit Card by Square)





* Four: Elements in Finding Completion $95.00 5 Hour Class $85.00 prepaid

* Four: Elements in Finding Completion Mini $55.00 2 Hour Class $45.00 prepaid

* Beginning Astrology $175.00 12 Week Workshops or $15.00 per Class

* Treasure Maps for Manifestation 3 Hour Mini Workshop $30.00 **Includes  

* Your Word is Your Wand $30.00 3 Hour Mini Workshop $25.00 prepaid


Intimate Self Workshops $195.00

This powerful two-day intensive workshop is taught Friday evenings and all day Saturday. Due of the intensity of the workshops, each class size is limited to 8.

Intimate Self Consultations $225.00 

Everything that we do in life, is based on cycles, from our own calendar year, to the cycles of borth, to death, and back to rebirth. There are 8 phases within a cycle. We start at the New Phase, move into Crescent, then the First Quarter, then Gibbous, the Full Phase, Disseminating Phase, the 3rd Quarter Phase and ending at the Balsamic Phase. Each phase has a flow and a purpose. Some are active, some receptive but the goal is to bring you full circle until your process of manifestation has been complete. Then you are ready to release what you are ready to, preparing yourself for the next cycle to begin. The purpose of Intimate Self Consultations is to learn about your own intuitive skills and how to nurture and grow them so you can make your own decisions based on your own intuitive awareness.

Each consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes, which is based on a healing Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep cycle, that begin with light Alpha sleep, to a sense of deep sleep, back to a lighter Alpha sleep that occurs during the 90 sleep cycles that occue each night, in order to promote optimum, continual healing and physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth.  

Consultations are done approximately each month. Each appointment is scheduled upon the completion of the last cycle's homework. Sessions are done for approximately six to nine months, or until you feel ready to take over the reins in guiding your own path.  

Haven't you ever said to yourself, I knew I should have... or I wish I would have listened to myself when...?  That's because Intuition is like a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it becomes.

Instead of coming to someone else for the answers, my goal is to teach you the tools so you can go within and find not only the answers, but the means of how to ask yourself the questions, and seek out the answers from within you, which is why I limit the sessions to approximately 6-9 months, which equate to the Full to 3rd Quarter phase of your annual Solar cycle, which bring about awareness and making adjustments by way of your own internal and external compasses.  

Everything you need to know... is within YOU. 



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