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Readings by

Sadie Black

is an Intuitive Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, and Author residing in Southern California. She teaches workshops Intimacy, Astrology, Treasure Maps, and the Four: Elements in Finding Completion workshops.

She has a unique style of connecting intuitively with her spirit guide, Sadie, through the interpretation of symbols, that offers clients clear, precise, and healing messages.

She is a published Writer, past Editor of Rainbow Bridge newsletter, Reiki Master, and Founder of 'A Celebration of Life Conferences,' previous Administrator and Moderator for Caroline Myss, Ph.D. and


Four Elements and Finding Completion

The Creation of Life is based on the foundation of the archetypal influences of the Four Elements, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. By understanding the relationship of how these elements (inter)play with each other, we gain guidance the knowledge of understanding in the structure (form) to any energy (form) thought, making it available to us in real time as a concept. What was once ethereal has now become real on some level, whether it’s a thought, feeling, experience, plan, hope, even a wish thwarted as we took the mere energy form step by step energetically into making it something alive in the 3D realm.  

Why is this important? Because everything we do has a meaning. The meaning of life itself IS IN the meaning. So in the grand scheme of things, the culminations of all of those meanings, thought forms,  everything we love, or we disassociate from (having absence of love) all of these elements get rolled up into one little ball nestled in between our heads. And hearts. And it all matters.

Neil Donald Walsh said it best in his book, Conversations with God with the statement that everything in life is about what we love and what isn't. The very foundation of everything we experience all begins with the tiny spark of something that we love. Some thing that makes us feel hope, or a spark of joy. Love. 

Or. The shadow, which is something of the Past that happened causing us pain, where we did actually experience this before (or something like it) but with a negative outcome, which deepens the shadow the next time that the spark comes in from the Universe.

Feelings just show us the various levels of how much can love. Isn’t that what’s important?? That you are open to all that you can have instead of being closed off?  So shadow factors in where we don’t love something... the more shade, the deeper, more intense the energy becomes against something. It teaches us. Fool me once, shame on you…  It’s merely a guide, gaging the percentage of how much we feel for (or love something) or the lack of feeling altogether. These differences show the difference between Black or White, love and hate, and everything back in between… taking us back to our original statement...

The value is in choice. What we do with that choice will give an outcome to your one time spark of energy. Wouldn't you like to consciously manifest your Heart's Desire?







Love - Power - Wisdom: The Manifestation Equation                 

Through our Will, Power, and Action, Form is created.


Four Elements and Finding Completion

Element         Body               Effect                   Influence        Output                 

Fire                  Spiritual        Purpose              Beliefs              Intent

Water             Feeling           Feelings              Love                  Desire

Air                   Mental           Integration        Integrity          Execution

Earth              Physical         Experience         Moment          Manifestation







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