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And the day came when the risk it took to remain in a bud was far more painful than the risk it took to blossom

~Anais Nin


Embrace Your Life Through the Dark Night of the Soul

Life is a continuous process of aging and dying; the soul is eternal, expressed through the many experiences made possible by the physical body, as it naturally moves through cycles of change. Just as nature moves through phases of spring into summer, fall into winter, the body is born, lives, and then dies, preparing for the renewal that is promised. Life is about cycles, change, growth, death, and rebirth.

Challenge yourself to view life as constant process of letting go, and the freedom that acceptance can offer. Through these deep inner changes, we learn to shift away from someone who we "think we should be" into embracing who we really are. By having faith in the spiritual process, we accept the freedom to explore the depths of our imagination and move beyond our imaginary boundaries so we can follow our dreams.

If we open to our spiritual unfolding through these cycles of death and transformation, we can look forward to the changes that occur with rebirth. Liberation takes place as we begin to release the attachments that keep us stuck in the reflection of physical reality, so we may embrace a lighter, more natural state of existence.

Who you are is becoming crystal clear as you continue to walk into that unseen place that resides within you. It is in this darkness that you will truly meet the beauty of love in the face of God. It is there nestled deep in your heart, a place called home.

We long, we fear, we judge, we deny, never fully expressing our true nature, often afraid of its intense power, and the responsibility that power brings. Acceptance and forgiveness can offer the gateway to where we find the freedom to live and the capacity to love, unconditionally.

Embracing Consciousness is embracing the path to our spiritual enlightenment, the Christed consciousness made up of humility, compassion, and integrity; it is the consciousness of love that is found through the acceptance of our authenticity as we rid ourselves of the judgments made from false projections which become fragments of our personality that we choose to embody. I challenge you to let go of all of the masks others want us to wear as we become the expression of what your soul longs to be.

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